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Beginner's Lesson 21

Scoring for 70 and 90 Fu

In this lesson, we will cover the scoring tables for 70 and 90 fu. Let’s start with 70 fu:


Naturally, the values for 3 han and 4 han are rounded down to mangan.


Hands worth 70 fu are uncommon. The easiest way to make a hand worth 70 fu is winning a closed hand by ron with an ankan of terminal or honor tiles.


Unfortunately, you cannot get away with just memorizing the scoring table for a more common number of fu, as nothing else matches 70 fu. However, it is very possible to see hands worth 70 fu, so this scoring table is worth remembering.


Next is the scoring table for 90 fu:


Again, the values for 3 han and 4 han are rounded down to mangan, and there is no other scoring table that matches 90 fu.


But in this case, hands worth 90 fu are incredibly rare. They would likely consist of multiple closed kans and triplets. You should not expect to see any hands worth 90 fu, but it does not hurt to memorize this scoring table, just in case.


In the next lesson, we will cover the furiten rule and basic defense.

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