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The winner is Akina Mizuhara pro.


Total 40 countries and 2586 players participated!

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Only 28 out of 2586 players can go straight to the main matches.


[Stage One]

4 pro players joined the main matches.

28 players from Hong Kong, Russia, UK, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Korea, Australia and USA.

Each group has two tables and the top two players of each table will go to the next stage in same group. 

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[Stage Two]

All 4 pro players still remained on stage two!

Same as stage one, the top two players from each table will go to the stage three/semi final game.

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[Stage Three]

Yakuman Tsumo hit during Daigo pro's dealer. He lost many points and disappeared on stage two.

A player from Australia was 4th place during all last but he was last dealer. He kept his dealer turn 4 times and he passed stage three as first place.

Same as stage one and two, the top two players from each table on stage three will go to the final game.

名称未設定 151.png

[Final stage]

As you may know, pro players are good at speed, technique, table situation, defense and more!! Besides, ASAPIN and Doppo are Tenhoui. During live streaming, there were many cheering comments sent to a player from Australia. He fought well, but the pros were still strong!


At all last, the point difference between Doppo and Mizuhara was only 600 points.  Who ever won thier hand would've won it all and Mizuhara was only Iishanten while Doppo was Tenpai for 2 turnes and she became Tenpai the winning it with a tsumo!      



Last message to all participants,


In 2020, the world has experienced a life changing event. The invisible virus has prevented us from interacting in person. With the economy affecting people and being unable to meet with friends, we all hoped that everything will resume back to normal as soon as possible.

As being part of the Mahjong community, LAPOM wanted to create an event where participants can still follow the Stay Home order and have a positive change during this global situation.

This event had 2586 participants from 40 different countries. This number also means that there were 2586 players around the world who helped prevent the virus and stayed home, and we want to thank each and every one of the event participants.

There are only a small number of people in Japan that know that Riichi Mahjong, a Japanese originated game, is spreading around the world. Because so many people from around the world participated, the amount of people in Japan that found out about this movement has increased and led to an increase in participants. Our initial goal of 1000 players was achieved with more than double the amount, and we were also able to achieve the main concept of connecting the world with Riichi Mahjong. We believe that this will ignite the world to continue connecting through Mahjong.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who helped out in places where we couldn’t, and translators for all the languages who helped translate and understand the event concept. You all helped connect players world wide. Let’s all give them a round of applause.

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