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  • “Test Play” COM players only discard drawn tiles.

  • “No call” mode passes on pon, daiminkan, and chii, but not ron.

  • “No call” button is unchecked at the start of every round.

  • “Auto discard” mode passes on calls other than tsumo, ron, ankan, shouminkan, and riichi.

  • While in “Auto discard” mode, the waiting time on the results screen is reduced by half.

  • “Auto discard” button is unchecked at the start of every round if there is a response from the player’s mouse.

  • After riichi, tiles will be automatically discarded except for tsumo, ron, and ankan.

  • If there is no input from the player, either from the mouse or key inputs, “Auto discard” mode will be automatically turned on.

  • After a tile is discarded, even if no one can call that tile, there may be a short lag (as if someone could call on that tile).

  • Tiles that are dealt from the hand appear to come from a random position within the hand. The drawn tile will always be dealt from the right side of the hand.

  • Players that disconnect during the game will have their names shown in red.

  • “Auto win” does not work for a player who is disconnected.

  • There is no way to chombo.

  • It is possible to reorganize tiles in the hand manually by dragging them.


  • It is not possible to change a player’s username. Make a new account to use a different username.

  • An account’s statistics cannot be reset.

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