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Riichi Trivia

Take a break from the hard work of the day and enjoy a quiz of Riihi mahjong. To test your knowledge on a variety of fun and interesting topics including Riichi anime, pro player, culture, history and more! 

May 21 2019


The Red 5 tiles are familiar to Online mahjong games. Second familiar ones are Red 3 tiles in Japan. Many people use them in the Kyushu area.  By the way, there are three types of Red 5 tiles in Pinzu(Dots), Manzu(characters), and Souzu(Bamboo). Which Red tile do you think was made first?

Answer: That was Pinzu(Dots) 5 tile. Osaka held the World Expo in 1970. They used the logo with five petal cherry blossoms and people copied that logo into 5 Pinzu(Dots).    

May 21 2019


In Japanese, some words are referred to riichi mahjong terminology. What does the word for a safe tile (Anzen-pai) mean to a woman?

1,  organic tofu

2,  not a dangerous guy

3,  standard chain restaurant  

4,  no fragrance soap  

Answer: The answer is 2. The safe tile (Anzen-pai) means not most favorite guy for woman. It's just friend.

May 20 2019


​A man who worked in Sichuan, China brought back the first mahjong tile set to Japan in 1909. He taught mahjong to people around him in Hokkaido with all his heart. Where and who did he teach mahjong? 

1,  workers in the coal mining industry

2,  church attendants

3,  students and co-workers at school

4,  fishermen at the pier  

Answer: The answer is 3. His name was Hikosaku Nagawa. He went to China as an English teacher and went back to Japan as a vice principal for a junior high school. He taught mahjong to his students and his co-workers with his mahjong set. 

May 17 2019


Many player calls Haku, Hatsu, and Chun as White, Green, and Red dragon. But in acinent China, thease were symbol of the beauty of woman. Haku (White dragon) is white smooth skin and Chun (Red dragon) is fascinating red lips. What does Hatsu (Green dragon) stand for?

Answer: People called lustrous silky hair as green black hair. A woman who had green black shiny hair was beautiful. So the answer is hair.

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