SPM Tournament
August 31 - September 1

Gold Stars

4 out of 40 players

1st   Chung Chien Hao (Lemon), Taiwan

2nd  Shuji Komai, Los Angeles

3rd   Takashi Masui, Los Angeles

4th   Vincent Yang, Los Angeles

Silver Stars

12 out of 40 players

Doppo Yamada, Japan  Akihiro Iwasaki (Akky), Los Angeles

John Erickson (RonJohnAlpha), Seattle  Aldwin Gordula (Kyuu), Chicago

Nima Hosseini, Los Angeles  Haolun Wu, Berkeley

Zach Franks (Carrot), Seattle   Bryant Lin, Los Angeles

Bichen Wang, Berkeley   Takeshi Takakura, Japan

Arthur McAnally (Corak), Boltimore   Yi (Kanonlove), Arizona

Bronze Stars

24 out of 40 players

Kenta Kitada, San Francisco  Ryan Gan, Los Angeles  Hitomi Nonoyama, Los Angeles

Ruri D, Los Angeles   Chris Rittenhouse (JJ), Los Angeles   Sylvain Royer, Los Angeles

Kyle Le, Denver   Koushin Asakura (ASAPIN), Japan   Hirohiko Nakamura, Japan

Simon Huan, Berkeley   David Li, Berkeley   Anthony Hsieh, Seattle   James Bragg (Sonickarazy), Denver  Kuo Ming-Hsin (Sky Dragon), Taiwan   Taylor Heffernan, Philadelphia   Chou Yeh Ming (SOFO), Tawain  Kazuki Tada, Los Angeles .  Terry Jane Kurobe, Los Angeles   Sho Sasaki, Los Angeles   

Hideki Sugiyama (Sugi), Los Angeles  Rachel Halperin, Berkeley   Nicolas Rhoades, Philadelphia 

Daniel Pascua, Colorado Springs   Kent Shotaro Saiki, Los Angeles

名称未設定 2.jpg

Placement match score September 1st

Preliminary match score August 31st


World Famous Tenhoui will come to Los Angeles in August!

ASAPIN aka Koushin Asakura

The 1st Tenhou-i / Saikouisen pro player A1 League

Doppo aka Doppo Yamada

The 3rd Tenhou-i / Saikouisen pro player B2 League

Saikouisen Tournament in LA 2019

August 31 (Sat) -September 1 (Sun)

 - 6 qualification games + 2 semi-final/placement games with all AMOS automatic tables

   (*additional 2 games for finalists)

 - Riichi Mahjong Session by Saikouisen

 - Souvenir from Saikouisen

 - Trophy

 - Photography


Entry fee for 2 days: $120

Address: 15225 S Western Ave #104 Gardena CA 90249

  This tournament will be the very first kyougi or competition-style mahjong tournament in the United States. Participants should read and fully understand the Saikouisen rules and regulations as well as the competition mahjong manners posted on Mahjong Stars. Only players who can act according to these regulations in a manner befitting competition mahjong will be granted entry. This is not an open tournament where anyone can participate.

Saikouisen Tournament SPMT LA 2019 Schedule

Day 1 - Saturday August 31st


08:00 Opening ceremony and quick

review for the tournament


09:00 - 10:00 Game 1

10:10 - 11:10 Game 2

11:20 - 12:20 Game 3


12:20 - 13:20 Lunch break


13:20 - 14:20 Game 4

14:30 - 15:30 Game 5

15:40 - 16:40 Game 6


19:00 Dinner at Japanese restaurant

in Gardena with Saikouisen players

(Requires reservation from the online

registration form)

Day 2 - Sunday September 1st


Please be at LAPOM by 8:30


09:00 - 11:10

Semi-finals for top 16 players (2 games)

Placement matches for all other players (2 games)


11:30 - 13:30

Finals for top 4 players (2 games)

Other players can watch the final games


13:30 - 15:00


Saikouisen Session

Saikouisen Q&A



Closing ceremony