Mahjong Night at Little Tokyo LA

LAPOM working together with Japanese American Community event with ART 314 FSN

Who they are? here is intro Video

And you can find more information about them on their website

How we meet?

Very famous Anime store in Little Tokyo, Anime Jungle owner Tetsu san was the one who is really look and care for Japanese American community and for Little Tokyo Culture.

and FSN wanted to host event for Japanese Game and introduce Masa from LAPOM to teaching Riichi Mahjong.

and Here is some photo from 1st event

Mariko san is one of the host for this Event.

4 Tables are full and so quickly!!

We have made it mini Mahjong to teaching to make sets of 3 tiles.

They have catch up so fast!!!

And more variety of tile sets.

We have provide mini Mahjong game Suzume Jong from Japan.

And Hello Kitty Mahjong Tiles and Junk Mat Set. Those are not selling in the United State. made by AMOS

Hope everyone enjoyed this event and 2nd Session is coming up

Thursday, September 13, 2018 6:30–8:30pm

341 1st Street North

If anyone who knows hot to play already are also welcome to show up and teaching! and very beginners don't be scared!! We will play for Fun!!!



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