M League Draft Pick

August 7th, M-League Draft pick was held in Japan.

Here is quick result.


1st Hisato Sasaki (JPML) @sasakihisato

2nd Mari Takamiya (JPML) @takamiyamari

3rd Yudai Maehara (JPML)  @yudai1219

Note: They all from JPML, and Hisato Sasaki is the one of the most popular and aggressive players. Mari Takamiya also has an aggressive style and is very popular as a model. Yudai Maehara is the current Hououi (the best title in JPML) and his style is also super aggressive. Hisato and Yudai have a very close relationship and they named themselves, “Team Garakuta”. They collaborated with some snacks such as Black Umaibo (based on modified AMOS REXX point sticks) and Yudai Kitkat


1st Takaharu Ooi (RMU)  @takaharu_ooi

2nd Sho Shiratori (JPML)  @s_Shochan0827

3rd Yoshihiro Matsumoto (NPM)  @yoshihiro_npm

Note: Takaharu Ooi is one of the best players in Japan and has several titles. Also he is the President of RMU. Sho Shiratori is a very clever player, a friend of Bonchan (a famous E-sports player), and recently released his mahjong book! Yoshihiro Matsumoto from NPM is the youngest player in M League and a rising star from the RTD League. This is the only team featuring three different pro groups and all generations. It will be very interesting to follow them.


1st Yumi Uotani (JPML)  @yuumi1102

2nd Seiichi Kondo (Saikoui-Sen)  @sei1k

3rd Sayaka Kayamori (Saikoui-Sen) @sayakaya0504

Note: Yumi Uotani (JPML) has the nickname, “Fastest Mermaid”. She is a very logical player and rising in the JPML League. Seiichi Kondo (Saikoui-Sen) has a title of Saikoui and a refined style of play. Sayaka Kayamori (Saikoui-Sen) has the nickname, “Genius”. She recently became a mother. These three players with their logical play could be a very elegant team.

EX FuRinKaZan

1st Aki Nikaido (JPML)  @16003200

2nd Kazunori Takizawa (JPML)  @TakizawaRenmei

3rd Kenji Katsumata (JPML)   @katumatakenji

Note: Aki Nikaido (JPML) is famous from the manga, “Aki”, and may have made the most impact in expanding the game to female players. She is talented and has proven her skills. Kazunori Takizawa (JPML) is a familiar face and everybody calls him, “Takky”. He is not only a fan favorite but also liked by other pros. Kenji Katsumata (JPML) has the nickname, “Mahjong IQ220”. He is very logical and knowledgeable, and is a rising at the RTD League. His commentary is popular because he explains with great detail. All three players are from JPML and should form a good team.


1st Masato Hagiwara (JPML)

2nd Naoki Setokuma (JPML)  @setokumanaoki

3rd Saki Kurosawa (JPML)  @kurosawasaki

Note: Masato Hagiwara is an actor and well-known as the voice actor of Akagi and Kaiji. He was attending several mahjong tournaments and displayed good results. Just a couple of weeks ago, he made a big announcement to join JPML to try to play in the M-League, and he has been selected. Naoki Setokuma is very well-known for his many titles, his playstyle, and his “Kuma Kuma time”. Saki Kurosawa is currently in the JPML A2 League and her playing skills are already proven. All three players have explosive styles of play, so this could be an exciting team to watch.


1st Ken Sonoda (Saikoui-Sen)  @sonodaken

2nd Jun Murakami (Saikoui-Sen)   @zunzuntantan

3rd Taro Suzuki (NPM)  @SuzukiTaro_npm

Note: Ken Sonoda (Saikoui-Sen) is a rising star from Saikoui-Sen and one of the surprise 1st round picks. Jun Murakami (Saikoui-Sen) is the current Saikoui and has multiple titles. He is also featured in the Mahjong Watch Youtube series “Mahjong no Takumi” season 1. Taro Suzuki (NPM) is world famous, has many titles in Japan, and won at the Macao tournament as well.


1st Go Kobayashi (Myu)  @supatechi

2nd Koshin Asakura (Saikoui-Sen)  @asakurapinpin

3rd Nobuhiro Ishibashi (Saikoui-Sen)  @rate1484

Note: Go Kobayashi (Myu) is very famous as the author of “Super Digital”. His playstyle makes great use of calling, regardless of the ruleset. Koshin Asakura, also known as Asapin, made big news last year when he joined Saikoui-Sen, and has now been selected to join the M-League. He made a name for himself on Tenhou and is a young rising star. Nobuhiro Ishibashi is also from Saikoui-Sen and well-known from his book, “Black Digital”. He is also a digital style player but is already looking into how to use this logic with regards to reading other players’ reactions and decisions. All three are familiar faces from the Tenhou Meijinsen events and will be very popular among fans who play online mahjong.

If you want to see the Draft picks, her is M-League official youtube channel



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