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Online Student Mahjong Carnival 2020- East Round -

presented by 雀魂majsoul


Competition using online mahjong game '雀魂majsoul' revolutioned! We will be holding the 4th competition this year.

All students can participate, especially people living in rural areas and high school students or under who have been unable to participate.

Anyone can participate for free.

What is 雀魂majsoul?

雀魂majsoul is a mahjong game that allows players from all over the country to play online in real time. Various matching style is possible. In "Ranked Match", you can play against players all over the world. In "Friend Match", you can play against your friends with any rules. In "Competition Match", you can hold your own competition, or participate in other's competition. From novice to advacned, all people can enjoy a wide range of activities.

Participation Agreement

1) Participants will take part in the competition at their own risk. Organizers shall not be responsible for any disadvantages incurred by participants with their participation in the games, except the organizer's deliberate or serious mistakes.

2) Games would be postponed or paused by server issues or natural disasters. In this case, the organizer is not responsible for the participants.

3) The schedule, system, rules can be changed if there are any reasons in progressing games.

4) Announcement related to main games would be announced by 学雀連twitter, 雀魂majsoul competition lobby, and email to competitors. Organizer is not responsible for the participants who get penalized by not checking the announcements.

5) Participants who are under high school are required to have parental consent.

6) Participants who are in the top 32 at preliminary match will go to the main games. Main games participants and reservers has to be in competition lobby in time when organizer assigned. If not, participants would be disqualified.

7) If there is a loss of communication, the game will continue and the result will be valid. However, if the organizer accepts the situation, there could be a measure like replay of the game.

8) The following acts are prohibited at the games. Violation would result in player disqualification. The organizer will determine whether the act constitutes a prohibited act.

i) The entry by disqualified person.

ii) Multiple entries.

iii) Committing fraud.

iv) Inappropriate player names, such as those that violate public order or morality.

v) Hindering normal competition progress.

9) Players who play at the main games have to send a student ID card by

- Mail

- Student Mahjong Association twitter DM

- Student Mahjong Association LINE

to prove their school (Elementary students would send something that can check their birth.)

If it is not proved, this will lead to disqualification. However, it does not invalidate the previous game results.

10) Prizes will be sent to Japan only.

11) If you participate in a competition where you have won the right to participate by the top prize, you will participate in your real name. In addition, participants under high school are unable to get participation rights.

12) If the top prize winners participate in the Amos Grand Championship, they will receive travel subsidies. However, it is limited for participants in Japan.

13) In main games, all of the contents, including videos, can be published in 麻雀ウォッチ and media which organizer accepted.

14) Participants' names and school names will be public information.

15) Personal information will be used for the management of the event and for advertising this event.

16) The participation contract will be accepted when both the application and the approval of the school mahjong association are completed.

17) Organizers have the right to change these terms without notice.

Competition Outline

Event Name

Online Student Mahjong Carnival 2020 - East Round -


Date and Time

May 24, 2020 (Sun)

Prelimary Games : 9:00 ~ 13:30JST, Main Games : 14:30 ~ 21:00JST

(Broadcast is from 16:00, the first game of the Main Game will not be aired.)



Online (Web, and application are both available.)


Eligibility of Participation

Who meets the three conditions below

1. Person who joined Student Mahjong Association, elementary students or above

(approval might take some time, if application is completed, you can participate although it is not approved.)

2. Person who has 雀魂majsoul ID

3. Person who joined KIZUNA Project Discord.

(You cannot participate in China Server.)


Participation Fee



Competition Rule

It is based on Student Mahjong Association Rule. There is some changes for Internet matches, if it is not acceptable, 雀魂majsoul rule is used.


Tobi ari (Negative score ends the game)

Agariyame, Tenpaiyame ari (Last dealer can stop by winning, tenpai at an exhaustive draw)

Prelimary Games would be East games, and Main Games would be East-South Games.

The Main Games Finals will not have Tobi. (Negative score doesn't end the game)


For the specific rules, check the competition lobby.


Preliminary Games


East round games. In the random matchings, by the ranking of the best scores of 5 continuous games, the top 32 will proceed to main games. (Can play the game infinite times.) Top 33-37 will stay as the reserves, and will proceed to the main games if there is any absence of players.


Main Games


32 players play 1 East-South Games, top 2 players from table will proceed in tournament.

32 players -> 16 players -> 8 players -> 4 players, and 4 players will be play the final.

Finals doesn't have tobi. (Negative score doesn't end the game.)


Exhibition Match


After the final, winner, 楠栞桜(Kusunoki Sio), 山田独歩プロ(Doppo), viewer representative would have the exhibition match. The selection way of viewer representative would be announced at the game date.


MC, Commentator


MC:楠栞桜 Kusunoki Sio(Vtuber)

Commentator : 山田独歩(最高位戦日本プロ麻雀協会所属) Doppo Yamada (SPM)




1st AMOS Grand Championship 2020-2021 invitation

雀魂majsoul Scroll 10 pieces + 600,000 coins + 雀魂majsoul original goods

Vtuber's autograph


2nd RGC(Student Mahjong Association presents) invitation

雀魂majsoul Scroll 5 pieces + 300,000 coins + 雀魂majsoul original goods

Vtuber's autograph


3rd RGC(Student Mahjong Association presents) invitation

雀魂majsoul Scroll 3 pieces + 250,000 coins + 雀魂majsoul original goods

Vtuber's autograph


4th RGC(Student Mahjong Association presents) invitation

雀魂majsoul Scroll 2 pieces + 200,000 coins + 雀魂majsoul original goods

Vtuber's autograph


Special Prize


For the yakuman 1 time in the game, 1 雀魂majsoul Scroll will be awarded. You have to report it when you accomplish it, to Mahjong Student Association LINE, twitter DM, or mail, with player name and screenshot.


There is a gift for top 32.

(Scroll and coins can be used in 雀魂majsoul. The invitation would not be valid for under high school students. The calling for prizes would be told by mail from Mahjong Student Association, or mails in 雀魂majsoul.)


Ways to participate

Make the 雀魂majsoul account and apply from this page and wait. Later(around 22, May), we will send a competion ID to your mail. In the competition date, use it to participate the games.



Yostar Corporation



Association of Students Mahjong

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