Illustration Gallery

    Please send us your illustration or artwork!  We will add your work to gallery with your profile!

Anchors Aweigh

Go Go U-NEXT Pirates!

Do you know who they are? 

Illustrator: henrifuwa

Washizu Iwao

He is a founder of Washizu Mahjong.

Illustrator: TOLLEFSEN


What do you do when you are inspired? Above all, we should play mahjong!

Illustrator: sylar08091

One pin

One pin kun.

Illustrator: 蓮


The FKMT! I love background 1-pin and wave detail.   

Illustrator: ossifray

Mahjong Stars Logo

MJS family member made this logo for us!

Illustrator: SS

Paloma Cocktail

Perfectly refreshing combination of sweet and tart with grapefruit and ice cube mahjong tiles!

Illustrator: ari doyle

Mari Takamiya

Mari chan is so cute. Kids love her!

Illustrator: Juna&Sao

LAPOM kids after school program


Kaiji plays minefield mahjong game "17 steps". 

Illustrator: rubasophia


Drawing North tile is difficult. It's Gestaltzerfall. 

Illustrator: hakaseniomakase

Mahjong mahjon

The moment of playing mahjong is bliss! 

Illustrator: ossifray

Senriyama Joshi

~Saki~ Senriyama Joshi, North Osaka representatives. ren_pencilsketch likes Suehara (in Himematsu, South Osaka representative) and want to draw Himematu team someday.

Illustrator: ren_pencilsketch

Akagi Power

Akagi is always cool!

Illustrator: emi_sunyining


The word “News” does not derive from the four cardinal directions. Is that true or not?   

Illustrator: ari dolye


Chuurenpotou with Legendary 1 sou drew by Setokuma.

Illustrator: henrifuwa

Mahjong Stars Logo

All Kiyosumi girls and James. Amazing artwork isn't it?

Illustrator: Brandon

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